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OffWorld Gaming offer access to more than 100 pro rigs for players of all ages and skill-levels. Visitors can battle their friends in the highest-rated multiplayer games on water-cooled, low-latency RTX 3080ti/RTX4090 rigs. 
Our facilities can be booked for esports tournaments, boot camps, corporate+private events and includes;

- 350m2 event space
- 4 vs 4, 5 vs 5 and 6 vs 6 player tables

- In-house hotel accommodation 
- Streaming production team
- Self check-in for gamers

- Commentator section
- Audience screen
- Cafe & catering

All located in central Berlin. Download floor plan click here

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Off-World is a great if you are looking for an alternative to Gamestate Berlin and offers a top of the line gaming cafe experience. Without a doubt the most popular game center to visit and building on the base that was once meltdown berlin. Whether you are looking to play with friends or join our valorant berlin gaming team, you are welcome to stop by!

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